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GEGENkino and Filmic Initiative Leipzig present

GEGENkino and Filmische Initiative Leipzig present: THE EFFECT OF CANNONRY ON THUNDERCLOUDS and AGGREGAT 20.11.2018 in Schaubühne Lindenfels 8 pm in the Green Salon: THE EFFECT OF CANNONRY ON THUNDERCLOUDS Germany 2017, D: Stefanie Schroeder, Juliane Jaschnow, ’30, DCP Waves, storms and tornadoes are heading for Germany – everybody knows this, the weather forecasters, YouTube and games developers. The climate scenario becomes a lot of hot air, data sloshing everywhere, shitstorms or floods of refugees. Language, metaphors and images are instruments of control. They are used to dispel – and instill – fear. How does the image function as a […]

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