The Filmic Initiative Leipzig FILZ is an association of authors, filmmakers and artists. What connects us is a strong interest in artistic and documentary works, focusing on the moving image.
FILZ creates films and video art in different constellations and in mutual support.
FILZ curates, organizes workshops and film talks.
FILZ writes on film, thus takes part in prevailing discourses.
FILZ is in favor of cooperating with other players of the art and cultural scene.

Emerson Culurgioni [web]
Florian Fischer [web]
Anna Friedrich [web]
Juliane Jaschnow [web]
Jana Keuchel
Kathrin Lemcke [web]
Jonas Matauschek [web]
Stefanie Schroeder [web]
Ginan Seidl [web]
Nick Teplov [web]
Clara Wieck [web]



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