Next week, the film and discussion series TRENDRESISTENT with film critic Dennis Vetter starts at Cinémathèque Leipzig:

«Starting with celebrated festival award winners, eagerly awaited blockbusters, critics' darlings and hotly debated surprise successes, we discuss whether films and their makers can and must resist artistic and social trends.

To kick off the series on Wed, 7.9 / 7 pm we will show the Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival winner ALCARRÀS by Spanish director Carla Simón about the last peach harvest of the Solé family. Afterwards we invite you to a discussion with ALCARRÀS editor Ana Pfaff from Barcelona, German director Marie Wilke (AGGREGAT) from Berlin, producer Heino Deckert and film critic Dennis Vetter, both from Leipzig: What distinguishes Carla Simón's film? And how do images become politically and socially important?»

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