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Dir.: Juliane Jaschnow
2014, 5 min
animation, experimental

A howl in the wilderness. A shape moves back and forth in the bloody red flickering light of a double fight – against the wolf, but even more against the fear of the wolf. No escape, the razor’s edge – powerfully eloquent. A film about the dialectics of becoming a victim or a perpetrator. Whatever side you’re on: you’ll lose if you stay as you are.

Screenings: DOK Leipzig 2015/ International Animation Festival Athen 2015/ Kurzsüchtig Festival Leipzig 2015 (Publikumspreis)/ backup Festival Weimar 2015/ Jugendvideopreis Sachsen-Anhalt 2015 (2. Platz)/ Hilbert Raum Berlin/ Programm der cinémathèque Leipzig/ Zebra Poetry Film Festival Berlin 2014/ Zebra Poetry Film Festival Münster 2016 (1. Platz Deutscher Wettbewerb)