.mpeg presents:

After the desert goat
Hinda Weiss, 2017, 14 Min.
12.3. – 11.4.2024

Surrounded by wild landscapes and deserted military bases, the artist followed the desert goats through the foggy landscape. Documenting the journey to create a looped scroll. A swinging choir lay on a cloud, followed by limboing birds. The bottom of the cloud is the edge of a vertically placed valley, and so on. In this unreal universe, created out of real mise-en-scènes, Weiss leads the viewer continuously and endlessly between hope and despair, creation and destruction, genesis and death.

In the window of the moving picture experimental garage .mpeg, FILZ regularly presents video art. Located on Lützner Straße 39 in Leipzig, .mpeg operates daily after sunset.

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© Filmstills, After the desert goat, Hinda Weiss, 2017