Film programme on approaches to collective cinematic practices.

To what extent do films reflect ideas of an ideal society in their production structure? The film programme curated by FILZ for Kunstverein Leipzig presents different approaches to collective cinematic practices in terms of structure and process for joint discussion.

Ateliers Cinématographiques Film Flamme - Practices of collective filmmaking at Marseille's Polygone Étoilé Cinema by Matti Sutcliff.

Film flamme is an association of filmmakers and artists in Marseille. In 2001, the collective founded Polygone Etoilé, a cinema in the Quartier de la Joliette that provides a technical infrastructure for filmmaking. Here, cinema is understood as a gesture of exchange between authors, team and audience.

From the beginning, Film Flamme conducted film workshops with the residents of the historic centre of Marseille, initially unaware that they were initiating a long-term project. Matti Sutcliff gives an insight into the film culture and the intellectual approaches of the collective.

13 Attempts To Hold Your Breath
Filmische Initiative Leipzig, 2020, 15', Experimental documentary

At the end of March 2020, MDR called on artists and filmmakers living in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia to film the experience of the Corona crisis in the form of documentary short formats. Within this framework, FILZ - Filmische Initiative Leipzig as a collective produced the film 13 Versuche, die Luft anhalten.

Before we go
Jorge Leon, 2014, 82', Experimental documentary

The documentary film Before we go takes a different approach to collective filmmaking. Meg Stuart, Benoît Lachambre and Simone Aughterlony, dancers and choreographers, meet Lidia, Michel and Noël, whose bodies are weakened by illness. Together they are about to have a unique experience in the magnificent setting of the Opéra de la Monnaie. In an unexpected, physical and lyrical way, Before we go lifts the veil on a taboo subject - the end of life - and conjures all the arts into a true tribute to life and human fragility.

November 4, 7 pm
KV Leipzig

© Stills: Matti Sutcliff