VISUAL TRUTHS #1, Screening at IDEAL, Leipzig: Oct. 6th, 2019, 6 PM
Jana Magdalena Keuchel & Katharina Knust will be joining for a talk afterwards.

Last Year in Utopia documents an experimental set-up: a staged group media experiment, isolated from the outside world, is reconstructed on the site where the original events unfolded. The boundaries between autonomy and heteronomy dissolve in new role assignments as the film makes the power structure behind the artificially created utopia visible.

The film marks the start of the event series VISUAL TRUTHS at IDEAL art space, curated by Katharina Wittmann (FILZ). The selected films illuminate constructions of truth and memory in moving image with a focus on shifts within the concepts of witness and evidence in the 21st century. International and regional filmmakers are introduced by Katharina Wittmann and invited to a subsequent Q&A, if possible.