An evening that traces the accustic dimensions of documentary films in a multifaceted programme.

In Monumental (Anna Baranowski), viewers become visitors of the ghost town “New Ordos”. Built for a million people, it was built to be China’s Dubai, but remains uninhabited to this day. The musical soundtrack makes the deserted monuments and squares almost seem like the backdrop of a dystopian science fiction film.

In Imperial Valley (Lukas Marxt), the artificially irrigated agricultural landscapes of the Sonora Desert in California are scanned from a bird’s eye view. Underlined by a haunting electronic score, the drone increasingly loses its orientation. A young skier swirls past and an old man is knocked over by a wave.

People Peeble (Jivko Darakchiev & Perrine Gamot) describes a steep coast in the North of France in fragmented, analogue images. The artificial soundtrack creates an alienating atmosphere of discomforting tension.

Umbra (Florian Fischer & Johannes Krell) finally leads back to the remaining nature and investigates rare optical phenomena like the Brocken spectre. A cinematic-auditive meditation on the presence and absence of things.

In Testimonium, Jacob Kirkegaard uses hydrophones and contact microphones to create a sonic journey through devastated sites of human waste industries. A symphony of burnt soil.

2 November doors: 10 pm
Lagerhofstraße 2
04103 Leipzig