.mpeg proudly presents:

Neozoon, 2016, 4'
08.09.2023 — 06.10.2023

SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE ist a sequence of images in the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) in which trophy hunters congratulate each other after their successful hunt. In the experimental film collage, the handshakes of the big game hunters never end. A brief moment turns into a disturbing ritual. The endless congratulation questions the senseless killing of protected species as well as the location of the actors in different African landscapes in a haunting way.

In the window of the moving picture experimental garage .mpeg, FILZ regularly presents video art. Located on Lützner Straße 39 in Leipzig, .mpeg operates daily after sunset.

Funded by:
Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig

© Filmstills, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE, Neozoon, 2016