.mpeg presents a plant based double:

Organic Techno
Monika Czyzyk & Neil Luck, 2023
2:36 min.

Hypnotic portrait of love to the garden and to the island. Organic Techno is spinned and looped in a 360 digital garden dome. It's a peephole to a secret garden, cultivated on a rock at Vartiosaari island.Cyclical repetition, attachment, care, friendship with a spider living in a black barrel has been manifested.The video is cut to a dance track constructed completely from organic field and studio recordings (clay, boars, vegetables, water, etc).Days, nights and years we witness acts of death and rebirth. Spinning, twisting, whirling, dancing.

Power Plant
Nadja Kurz, 2016
5:03 min.

In Power Plant, the protagonist is a deep red anthurium that, placed on a cream-colored dresser next to a porcelain poodle, thrives and fades before the viewer's eyes to the rhythm of a specially produced music. Only at second glance does it become clear that this is not a >real< plant, but an artificial one, which is also artificially processed - namely with hot hairdryer air - in order to further its decay. This fusion links up with those transgressions of nature and culture that have long since inscribed themselves in our daily life.

In the window of the moving picture experimental garage .mpeg, FILZ regularly presents video art. Located on Lützner Straße 39 in Leipzig, .mpeg operates daily after dark.

Funded by:
Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig

© Film stills, Organic Techno, Monika Czyzyk, 2023 & Power Plant, Nadja Kurz, 2016