To exchange visions regarding future projects and the future work of the association we met in the small village of Rehmsdorf in Saxony-Anhalt. During the weekend, our thoughts circled around the self-concept of the group: How can decisions be made in a practical way and within flat hierarchies? Which projects should be realized in the future? What is the profile of FILZ at the intersection of mediating activity (curation & moderation) and individual artistic practice? What do the members expect from the group and what skills can each member contribute? How can we deal with the competition for funding within the group? Which models of solidarity can be thought of in view of fluctuating and differently precarious life realities? Which socio-political attitude does FILZ take?

Some questions could only be discussed to a limited extent, but we agreed to initiate more collective projects in the future and try to work closer together. For this purpose, specific dates besides the regular meetings should be found in the course of the summer. Furthermore, some members thought about to organize workshops, in order to create a space for artistic education within FILZ.