Kino in Bewegung goes into the second round!

The Kick-off event for 2020 takes place in the Thallwitz Schlosspark. From a residential castle to a hunting lodge, to an oral surgery clinic in the GDR, Thallwitz Castle changed owners and functions over the centuries. In 1994 it was closed and in 2008 it was transferred back to the heirs.


Das Fremde. Documentary | Detlef Gumm and Hans-Georg Ullrich | 86 min | BRD 1994

The documentary film Das Fremde (The Foreign), co-produced by WDR in 1994, traces various experiences of migration, return and foreignness in one's own country in the special historical situation of the post-reunification period.
Jean-Jerome Chico-Kaleu Mujemba, Doctor of Economics from Zaire, goes to schools in Brandenburg as a "black man to touch" in order to break down prejudices among the children. The Wentzel brothers restore their former family estate in Teutschenthal near Halle, while the young Count Solms prepares his father's move from Namibia to Baruther Castle. A real estate agent from the Sauerland region wants to buy up land to build holiday homes for West German investors. In Greifswald, a Hamburg teacher with a Turkish immigrant background is training unemployed engineers. Young people in the border zone complain about the situation, but do not want to leave home. As a common thread running through the film, the Cottbus-born doctor Gabriela Willbold, daughter of an African father and a German mother, tells of her life with the other skin colour in the GDR and in reunified Germany. (Source: Werkleitz)

After the film there will be an opportunity for discussion.

9 pm, Thallwitz Schlosspark
Free admission.