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China Not China
Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie, Australia 2018, 14'

Hong Kong marked 20 years since its hand over to China; half way through the planned 40 year “one country, two systems” transition. Taiwan, once imperial China, once Formosa, now ROC (Republic of China) on the edge of the PRC (People's Republic of China). Multiple exposures of street scenes distort space and place creating a fluid sense of impermanence and transition, of two states somewhere between China and not China.

«...[the film] translates this state of competition between several narratives and the overlapping of different realities into overlapping images. The surfaces and lines of the street views shown flow into each other in her short film with the aid of multiple exposures, creating futuristic shots full of doubled, tripled, tenfold movements that additionally elude reality in the slow motion used...
...All the effects in China Not China were created in camera. Nothing was added or changed in postproduction. At the edges of individual shots, the multiple exposure process becomes visible for fractions of a second when some of the layered images suddenly disappear. The net breaks open and takes a look behind the dense facade into the realm of the imaginable...»

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