On July 11 at 9 PM, IDEAL art space (27 Schulze-Delitzsch Street, Leipzig) presents the film Echo Chamber by Andree Korpys & Markus Löffler as the third part of the event series VISUAL TRUTHS - open air! Due to the special situation, a small open-air cinema has been installed in the garden in the back of the art space. FILZ-member Katharina Wittmann will give an introduction, and afterwards there will be the opportunity for exchange and discussion.

Echo Chamber | 39:24 min. | GER 2018

At the edge of the margins and on the sidelines. Behind the apparatus, behind the scenes. In Echo Chamber Korpys/Löffler follow their well-known artistic practice of filming where the media representatives, the professional observers, prepare for a public events. For the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017 - with their criminologist perspective - Korpys/Löffler carry out a shift in perspective and reformulate the reporting of the scene. How does a political event happen? What images do we get to see? And what kind of reality is created through the media?

The film series VISUAL TRUTHS at IDEAL illuminates truth and memory constructions in the moving image and focuses on shifts in the terms of witnessing and evidence in the 21st century.