Founded in 1916, LEUNA is to this day one of the main production sites of chemical raw material in Germany. Yet since the fall of socialism, the employment level has decreased from 30,000 workers to 7.000. This void, which is amplified by rural deprivation, is the initial starting point of the film. As a result of the industrialisation and automation in all branches of industrial production, the worker’s role has increasingly changed from one of providing physical labor to one of monitoring – of watching, inspecting and verifying. The film adopts this principle and examines, over the course of one day, the protagonists’ individual perspectives, ranging from a child’s drawing to the subjective view of a hunter and overview of a technical supervisor of a wind energy plant. Isolated from one another by their unique points of view, the protagonists are visually held together within the film only by the infinitely glaring
industrial fame of LEUNA.