Light pours in, transforming the interior. A nude, aging male body shaped by sunshine and exercise. In search of an image that is not obscured by clothing, I found Werner. A seventy-something raw food nut who loves to spend the summer months outdoors on the outskirts of Berlin. A fleeting acquaintance deepens into a fragile friendship. Then an accident I can‘t recall. Werner finds me in the woods. He wants to introduce me to Bud- dha and teach me mindfulness. Guided by the sun I follow him to Pattaya, Thailand. The air hangs oppressi- vely over this unreal place. An amalgam of incense, the sound of crashing waves and prostitution. A different Werner emerges. Disgust, aversion. Towards Werner, towards the male within me. Searching for a morality that neither exploits nor is based upon any convention.