Paradoks-artist Paula Ábalos shows her work "The Immortals" as part of #co2020 at the Gallery KUB in Leipzig. The two-channel video can be seen from 7 - 10 PM through the shop window of the gallery at Kantstraße Leipzig.

"The Immortals" portrays the behavior of the viewers in front of the painting "The Water Lilies" by Claude Monet in L'Orangerie (Paris, France). Social networks, smartphones and self-portraits (selfies) have changed the way the "Water Lilies" are viewed. They become the background of the photo, while the viewers themselves become the actual motifs. Foreground and background are interchanged. To trace this social phenomenon, Ábalos spent a total of 60 hours in the museum and documented the visitors. A tour de force in front of the impressionist classic.