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Schwestern / Посестри
Anna Scherbyna & Valentina Petrova, Ukraine 2019, 12'

Members of the Sisterhood of St. Maria of Egypt are struggling for unequal rights and dyeing their nails. In a world full of wandering, temptations, and perversions, their duty is to withstand a duel with deviant marginals, or otherwise - painfully lose and replenish the colony of “human garbage”. Can these beautiful and brave women who have never wear a pants, save their traditional family values from the threats of the outside world? You will find an answer by watching their adventures.

Im Schaufenster der moving picture experimental garage .mpeg präsentiert FILZ regelmäßig Videokunst. .mpeg befindet sich auf der Lützner Straße 39 in Leipzig und ist täglich von 16–2 Uhr in Betrieb.

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Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig

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