Die Microscope Gallery New York präsentiert zusammen mit Yiran Xu ein Filmprogramm mit Arbeiten von Zainab Aliyu // Yuula Benivolski // Yacob Bizuneh // Zorica Colic // Sara Bonaventura // Jeri Coppola // Gloria Chung // Megan Dieudonné & Andrea Rüthel// Nate Dorr // Sabine Gruffat // Abigail He // Jung-Chul Hur // Lucas Kane // Shon Kim// Kamila Kuc // Anuj Malhotra // Lorenzo Gattorna // Anna Kipervaser // Bayu Kusuma // Michael Lyons // Agustina Markez // Tetsuya Maruyama // Diane Nerwen // Vivian Ostrovsky // Allyson Packer & Jesse Fisher // Duane Peterson III // Rodrigo Nava Ramirez // Francisco Rojas // Jean-Michel Rolland // Niyaz Saghari // Hana Yoo // Yinglin Zhou // Paul Khahliso Matela Zisiwe

«The program features a wide-ranging program of artists, established and emerging, from around the globe utilizing and incorporating Super 8mm, 16mm film, 35mm photographs, miniDV, HD, 4K, stop-motion, 3D animation, computer graphics and other formats. With the majority of works made while the artists were entrenched in lock-down, the event finds many considering their bodies, personal spaces, computer screens, and relationships with nature — other animals and insects, oceans and plant life, and the light from our sun. Several highly personal works celebrate everyday moments with friends or unearth previously unprocessed memories and histories. Others focus on acts of protests; themes of social justice and war; the excess living styles of the elite; utopian proposals of world community and connection; and a longing for and appreciation of connections.»

In-Person-Screening: 13.11.2022, 15:00, 16:30 & 18:00 Uhr ET
Online-Screening bis 17.11.2022 unter diesem Link

© Still, Safari(Browser)_The_Nature_ofmy_Computer.mov, Megan Dieudonné & Andrea Rüthel, 2021